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Some truths about Nadia


UK and Destination Wedding Guide

Some truths about Nadia


As a young girl during the long summers I was forever playing outside of our old Georgian cottage on the hill, bringing to life the historic stories I made up inside my head with my older sister. Secret witches dens were made in the depths of the garden, and medicines concocted from the rare fruits I could find on my journeys around my back garden, namely red grapes, blackberries, apples & plums! On colder days we sat in the conservatory which was draped with red grape vines and painted beautiful pine cones, wrapping them in foils saved from chocolate eggs eaten the previous Easter! I was an imaginative child, with particular interest in the details of everything I did. All my adventures had to be documented, and the endings were always happy and fulfilled leaving nothing behind.

Rosebank cottages. Image taken from Rushden Heritage.

Rosebank cottages. Image taken from Rushden Heritage.

These childhood qualities stuck with me, enabling me to be meticulously detailed in all that I do. My love for the outdoors & English heritage has grown, and with it my love of planning has developed. For me, a Wedding is simply without question one of most memorable days of your life, and the pressure that comes with that can be daunting. There are so many choices to be made on the theme of your wedding, the venue, the guest list etc that it’s easy to see how the pressure builds up.

Prior to starting Amulet Events I had the pleasure of visiting many stunning hotels all over the world within my corporate events role, which strengthened my love of culture and showed me the importance of expression through spoken word, dress & social gatherings. My experience has opened my eyes to the opportunities and variety available in our world, and has reinforced my enthusiasm for allowing people to show who they really are through a special Wedding Day or Event.

I am passionate about taking a couples dreams and visions and exceeding their expectations by giving them that personal touch that can so easily be buried in any large event. The memories that are made in one moment from the details that epitomize a couple is something I think every bride and groom want to give their guests, and facilitating that is where my own dream lies.

Time is so precious and seeing people spending valuable time with their loved ones is something close to my heart. I want to make those special moments effortless, not only for the bride and groom but for whomever I organise an event for which is why Amulet Events is so special to me.

I plan to share more of my family history with you, so you can get a true understanding of who I am whilst I go on my new journey as a Wedding Planner.