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UK and Destination Wedding Guide

Love Art in Yourself


We all experience those moments where you drift off to another world and are so blissfully euphoric that nothing can burst your bubble. For me, those moments come when I’m lost in the world of my book, watching a classic ballet, or when I’m playing my favourite composer on the piano. I become enveloped in those moments, and they’ve become a catalyst for pure calm and serenity within my world. What moments define you, and if you were given the chance to capture and recreate them for one whole day would you take it?

The Little Theatre, Bath
The Little Theatre, Bath

I am strong believer in marriage being the institution of love. The celebration of that should be an expression of who you are; the identity of you and your partner, and the moments that take your breath away.

Constantin Stanislavski, one of the greatest Theatre practitioners I had the pleasure of studying, once said;

“Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.”

As a bride the only role you play is that of yourself, and just as Stanislavski’s method of acting teaches, you should find the artist inside of you to make your special day unique to you. This quote resonated within me as soon as I saw the beautiful chapel I went on to get married. 

The ceremony and reception venue are not just four walls to a bride, and choosing the right place has its challenges. If you are looking for a unique venue why not have a themed wedding at one of these beautiful Theatres!

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite venues where I spent the majority of my time at University in Bath. Paying £5 per ticket for a bench seat at the back, I could lose myself in the world of Theatre, where dreams really can come true. The Royal Theatre is licensed for weddings as is the Little Theatre in Bath. Until next time, follow the Stanislavski system and be true to yourself.